About Fancy

  • Life has a funny way of preparing you for your destiny. I grew up in a beauty salon but I went to school to become a medical laboratory scientist.
    I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry and, as a health care professional, I know that beautiful hair and skin are the direct result of living a healthy lifestyle. After achieving all of my career goals, I started working on my passion. Encouraging healthy hair and skin, inside and out, that has blossomed into Fancy Free, LLC. Our motto is “Keeping you FREE from chemicals”.
    On my journey to live a chemical free life, I had a hard time finding products that suited me. So I used the skills I learned as a medical laboratory scientist to combine the perfect combination of oils and shea butter and Fancy Free for Hair & Skin was born. These products are designed with the notion that we shouldn’t put anything on hair and skin that we can’t put in our body, because as a healthcare professional, I have a genuine concern for your health.
    My passion is helping people with their physical health. As a product of the beauty industry, I am so excited about being able to use my laboratory talents to create chemical free products for hair and skin.