Fancy Free Pomade for Hair & Skin

Fancy Free Pomade

Are you looking for a product that will moisturize your natural hair? Need a remedy for dry skin?

Look no more. As a natural hair enthusiast, I started making this product for my own hair and found that it is phenomenal for my skin as well.

Fancy Free Pomade takes shea butter to the next level. It is whipped with organic jojoba, olive, and coconut oils until fluffy and light. However, the secret ingredient gives out product an extra moisture sealant that also protects hair from heat damage.
Each product is handmade and smells divine. It is great for skin and hair and is easy to work with compared to raw shea butter. Use it as body butter AND on your hair as a conditioning treatment or styling product. Detailed suggestions for use are included with each purchase. Enjoy!

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