Fancy FAQs

We have done our best to answer the questions we get most often.

Feel free to message us if you don’t see the answers you’re looking for.

1. This shea pomade is for hair AND skin?


Yes! Our hair and skin are made of the same types of cells. So the same product can be used on both to them to seal in moisturize. You may want to experiment with how you use this product in your hair though. For fine hair, we suggest using it as a conditioning treatment, rinsing it out before styling. For thick hair we recommend that it be used as a leave in and styling aid. For skin, slather your skin with it right after a bath or shower. You’ll stay moisturized all day.

2. Is this shea pomade good for sensitive skin?

Yes! There is nothing in our product that you cannot eat…unless you have a severe nut allergy. All of the ingredients help seal in moisture. Each ingredient also has additional healing properties. Customers have reported many benefits of using this product on their skin: soothing eczema patches, lightening stretch marks, preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, scar repair, diaper rash prevention & healing, and so much more.

3. How do I use this product?

We are minimalists. We want to minimize the number of products you use every day. When you apply Fancy Free Pomade for Hair & Skin to your hair. Make sure it is damp or wet. The purpose is to seal moisture in. If you apply to dry hair, it will only coat the hair, not moisturize it. If you are not rinsing it out, you will notice that you do not have to reapply for days or even a week or two. Click here to watch tutorial videos showing how “Fancy” uses the product.

4. Which styling tool should I get?

The Curved Contoured Vent brush is a must for detangling thick, kinky hair before, during and after shampooing. The Wet Comb is better for thinner hair. We recommend starting with the Curved Contoured Vent brush if your goal is to detangle faster and more efficiently and The Wet Comb when you feel like you need a comb.

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